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CONVERTER oferuje usługi wsparcia telekomunikacji międzynarodowej w oparciu o nowoczesny system tłumaczenia telefonicznego. Nasza usługa przeznaczona jest dla każdego kto potrzebuje tłumaczenia rozmów przez telefon lub po prostu tłumacza. tłumaczenie przez telefon telefonia cyfrowa tłumaczenie rozmów tłumaczenia telefoniczne


Our service is dedicated for everybody who needs telephone interpreting or just simply an interpreter. The service can be used for both corporate and personal purposes ranging ex: buying a car abroad.

For drivers!
No matter if you often travel, or only take a road trips on holidays.
During each travel we can be forced to speak in foreign language.
When you are stopped by police.
A minor crash or an accident happens.
You get lost or your documents disappear.
You might also require local medical assistance.
In each case an interpreter would come in handy, but where they can be found? Where should we search? CONVERTER is the ultimate interpreting service in your telephone. Available at any time and in the language of your choice. Now you do not have to be afraid of surprising circumstances. Just turn hands free set, dial the number, wait for an interpreter and talk to a policeman, a doctor, a waiter or to a shop assistant.

For travelers!
Travelling abroad for fun or for work? Have you thought how you will communicate in distress or crisis situation? When your documents your luggage or yourself get lost? Maybe you will find it necessary to talk to somebody in the street or clarify something to a hop assistant? It takes only to register your telephone in CONVERTER database. Thanks to the system you will be able to use the services of an interpreter at the time you require. Just dial the number.

For business!
Are you an entrepreneur? Do you cooperate or would like to cooperate with the partners abroad, would you lie to reach new, foreign markets? CONVERTER is just for you! Thanks to our service you will be able to reach a receiver and talk to your client or supplier abroad. Neither you nor the business partner need to speak the same language, the conversation will be assisted by our interpreter. Saving time and money you will not have to arrange with interpreter or the interlocutor at certain time and place to settle simple things. You will not have to pay the interpreter for travel and interpreting. You will sort things out cheaply and at your most convenience.

Instead of looking for employees who know languages you can focus on searching experts in your line of business. We are proud to interpret your calls and talks.

For hotels!
Do you run a hotel? Are you thinking of enhancing your offer and make it more foreigners friendly? CONVERTER is the perfect solution! Offer your guests the possibility of telephone interpreting! They will be able to communicate freely with their partners and officials in Poland. We will prepare mltilanguage automatic telephone responses for your hotel as well as informative leaflets for guestrooms.

For travel agents!
Are you a travel agent? You probably think how to lower the costs of accommodation? How to get through to the owners of pensions and hotels in the most attractive places? How to make yor customers stay more attractive? All of those can be reached by the CONVERTER service! You can finally talk directly to the owners and negotiate the best conditions without worrying about the language barrier. You can go around any middleman making your offer less competitive. You can also give a hand to your customers investigating some of the legal or medical issues arising in on the place they are staying with your agency. You will be able to organize trips to the most attractive places in the world making arrangements with the local entrepreneurs by yourself. . . .

Moreover, you can enrich your offer by registering you customers in the CONVERTEL database. So they can use the personal interpreter service with hands free set or classic telephone interpreting making calls. Your customers will fully and freely take advantage of the places they visit. At any moment they will be able to have assistance of an interpreter while shopping, or while partying with the local people. Your customers can also feel secure as there will always be someone speaking their language in contacts with police or other officials in distress situations.

For shipping companies !
Do you render shipping services? Knowledge foreign languages effectively improves operations in the shipping business. It is also crucial for drivers dealing with all sorts of situations both at the customers and customs. CONVERTER solves the problems and provides low cost assistance greatly improving efficiency of your business. Now you can freely communicate with customers, discuss conditions, question the way of loading your trucks. The drivers feel secure having possibility of talking to any foreigner in the required language. Waiting for arrival of an interpreter to clarify an issue with the customs can cost you time and huge money in damages. CONVERTEL is a perfect match to solve the language barrier problems in your company.
Convenient Our service is for all those who require interpreting their telephone calls or just an interpreter on the spot, on demand. The service can be used by corporate structures, especially in foreign joint ventures, as well as during casual contacts e.g.: while buying a car abroad. The service guarantees quick, fluent and efficient exchange of thoughts and opinions.
Mobile Do you often travel on business? Or maybe just visiting Poland for holidays, does not matter which, during each journey you can find yourself being forced to speak a foreign language, you might not know in circumstances you might not expect. Convertel travels with you and provides you with assistance via your phone.
Professionalism Only experienced interpreters work for you through our system. If required, the service may be rendered by sworn interpreters. Our code of conduct and ethics, strictly observed by the interpreters, assures confidentiality and a highly quality of their performance.
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