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Tłumaczenia telefoniczne

CONVERTER oferuje usługi wsparcia telekomunikacji międzynarodowej w oparciu o nowoczesny system tłumaczenia telefonicznego. CONVERTER oferuje usługi wsparcia telekomunikacji międzynarodowej w oparciu o nowoczesny system tłumaczenia telefonicznego. tłumaczenie przez telefon tłumaczenia telefoniczne tłumaczenia online tłumaczenia

Without registration – Get a Polish interpreter online immediately

1. Top up your balance at land line/ mobile here
2. Call 0048 33486 2001 for menu in English and Choose the language of interpretation (Polish-10)
3. Enter your destination number (to Poland ex: 0048...) and press # (Alternatively just press 1 and # and hold the line – you can use interpretation in your hands free set.)

ConverteR Interpreting System kicks off

Since the beginnings of its activity many contracts for telephone interpreting have been signed with key accounts. Harnessing traditional interpreting into an ultra modern telecommunication solution allows us to offer many configurations of the available service. Attractive system of discounts has been implemented enabling anyone to take advantage, making oneself understood in Polish by merely speaking your language, e.g.: English.
CONVERTER offers telecommunication support services and provides solutions based on the modern system of telephone interpreting. This modern technology and unique software solutions allow arranging three way calls facilitating interpreted calls triggered immediately from any telephone, both for incoming and outgoing calls.

Using your hands free set you can change the CONVERTER service into your personal interpreter. This solution proves extremely useful while travelling or during business meetings abroad. It is not necessary to buy or install any equipment or software to use the CONVERTER service. Ordinary cellular phones meet all requirements of the system as well as land lines, from which it is possible to call 07XX. Which number to dial, 0708 870 970 or 033 486 2000, depends on whether one's telephone number is registered with CONVERTER or not.
Convenient Our service is for all those who require interpreting their telephone calls or just an interpreter on the spot, on demand. The service can be used by corporate structures, especially in foreign joint ventures, as well as during casual contacts e.g.: while buying a car abroad. The service guarantees quick, fluent and efficient exchange of thoughts and opinions.
Mobile Do you often travel on business? Or maybe just visiting Poland for holidays, does not matter which, during each journey you can find yourself being forced to speak a foreign language, you might not know in circumstances you might not expect. Convertel travels with you and provides you with assistance via your phone.
Professionalism Only experienced interpreters work for you through our system. If required, the service may be rendered by sworn interpreters. Our code of conduct and ethics, strictly observed by the interpreters, assures confidentiality and a highly quality of their performance.
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